Together we will navigate your unique journey to a strong body and peaceful mind. 

I bring mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, and movement to your home.

My body is strong.  My mind is at peace.

My training and appreciation for each person’s potential gives me the ability to understand the complexities of any individual’s circumstances. I find great inspiration working with people of all abilities who want to improve the quality of their lives. 

Yoga is something anyone can do regardless of age or abilities. I meet each client wherever they are in their lives, and I bring focus to whatever they wish to learn. My teaching will help guide you to a deeper understanding and awareness of your true self, empowering you to move forward with confidence and ease whether you are coping with anxiety, a life-long condition, or are looking to make personal changes in your life. 

I work without judgment, creating a personalized yoga practice that will help you heal and grow whether we are in-person or on Zoom. 

I am Annette 

Theresa, Bay Area

"You're real and have meaningful communication with your students. I enjoy your class and feel stronger spiritually and emotionally."

LeNaya Crawford, Licensed Therapist + Holistic Healer 

"Annette, you are skilled and it shows! I hope you know how special your teaching style is and how many lives you will continue to touch with this practice."

Diane, San Francisco, CA

"I am grateful for Annette's insight and positive approach, which results in a more peaceful and aware presence that I have taken into my everyday life."

Ife, Bay Area

"Annette is very knowledgeable and has given me modifications for poses when I need it. It has made yoga really fun, enjoyable and I’m finally able to practice yoga for the reasons that are important to me."

As a trauma-informed yoga teacher, I understand the need for all of us to have a safe space to explore and grow.

It brings me much joy to be a part of each client’s journey as they come to honor their true selves, feel good in their bodies and minds, and accept themselves through life’s triumphs and challenges. If you are ready to transform your life, even if it’s uncomfortable, we can acknowledge the discomfort together and begin your healing process.

I will guide you through movement, meditation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques based on where you are at and how you are feeling that day.

During yoga sessions,