In addition to private sessions, I also teach virtual yoga classes!

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In addition to private sessions,
I also teach virtual yoga classes!

We might have an illness or condition that others cannot see yet creates difficulty in daily skills. We may have experienced trauma, have PTS or moral injury. As a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, all of my yoga classes and private sessions take into account one's mental needs, as well as their physical health. We may need to be in a chair but we also may need to keep our eyes open during savasana or not take part in a particular posture that makes us uncomfortable. We may want to learn particular breathing techniques for anxiety and/or depression. We all have our individual needs for our yoga practice and it is important to be given practical modifications and guidance, when needed or wanted.

If you are curious about a modification for your yoga practice, you can always contact me via my email and let me know your question/s on how to adapt a particular posture or setting that will give you the clarity and trust to move forward with your yoga practice.

Sometimes, our limitations are not visible. 

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Truly, every yoga class should be adaptable, regardless of who is in the class and what kind of yoga class you are in. The yogi's job is to find a teacher that has knowledge on how to adapt yoga postures (asana), know breathing techniques (pranayama), and understand what is needed for the emotional well-being of her/his/their students. This has been my approach to teaching yoga since I began teaching in 2009, even with my private clients.

Adaptive yoga is a practice that is accessible to everyone regardless of condition, limitations, or abilities. You can practice on the floor, in a chair, at a wall, or in your bed. You can practice with blocks, bolster, blankets, or straps.

As you can see, I teach Adaptive Yoga classes

Angela H., Seattle 

"As a teacher, Annette is very in tune with each student's capabilities and will individualize instruction as much as possible so everyone can appreciate and benefit from yoga."

Mary S., San Mateo, CA

After every class I float out the door and remain in that state for hours. Annette is very aware of her student's abilities and strength and has a very gentle and caring attitude.

Betty K., Bay Area

I have been practicing yoga with Annette for over 1.5 years. She lives what she teaches and is a positive example of the peace, health and joy yoga can bring to a life".