Tackling parental bed rest and how to stay calm when anxious feelings bubble up, these books start the conversation for parents and kids to connect and heal together.

Award-winning children's book author makes difficult topics easy for kids to understand.

Mommy Has to Stay in Bed 

Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom award-winning Mommy Has to Stay in Bed is for young children (ages 2-6) who are faced with the trauma of having a parent on bed rest. In this rhythmic and sensitive story, mother and daughter find ways to cope with feelings of frustration and boredom. Whether the parent is pregnant, has the flu, or is on long-term bed rest, Mommy Has to Stay in Bed highlights the brighter side of spending time together despite a challenging situation. 

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eric h.

"I got this book for a friend who was having major surgery. She had a 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter. This book really helped the kids prepare for her surgery. Reading about what was coming up and seeing the pictures in the book really seemed to help prepare them. The daughter asked her mom to read the book over and over for her."


"What a wonderful way to help a child cope with having a mother confined to bed rest or suffering from the flu/other illness!  It can be frustrating and frightening when mom can't be active and play, but this book works to calm fears and shows the child ways to have fun with mom until she's up and around again."

Just Breathe

Just Breathe, a multi-award-winning book, is for any child (ages 4-8) who feels anxious or worried when facing everyday life circumstances such as going to a new school, taking a test, arguing with a friend, or trying out for a team. In this charming story, the child remembers to breathe deeply to find his inner calm and successfully cope with each new situation. 

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Dan Peters, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

“Just Breathe offers a timeless strategy for getting through virtually all of life’s daily challenges. I highly recommend this book for any child (and adult) who worries, is sensitive, and has an active mind. Just Breathe will not only help your child handle daily adversity but also build self-confidence.” 


"This book is sweet read for the young reader or parent reading to a child! I love the illustrations. Great for helping a child know they can breathe through bumps in the road, and life in general. The book provides great reminders for adults as well."

Wally Wants to Cuddle

B.R.A.G. Medallion and Family Choice Award winning book, Wally Wants to Cuddle, provides a gentle approach to help children cope with separation from their loved ones when first going to daycare, school, or a play date. Wally learns that there are many ways to connect with his friends and that separation from his Mama is only temporary.

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""This book helps children ( and parents) with separation anxiety and shows Wally’s resilience to look to his friends for connection."